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Quick site explanation

Freetail is the site where you can buy, sell, exchange and give away goods and services and form private groups for shared interests.

It's free and we don't share your details with any other company.

Log in or, if you're not already a member, sign up (just an email address and a password will do). Once you've logged in you can start trading.

If you've been given a group name by a friend you can get the group's contact details without needing to join or log in to Freetail. Just enter the group's name and click the button.

We'll be adding new services over the next few weeks so, if you'd like to be kept up to date with any changes, leave an email address on our contact page and we'll let you know of improvements.

Coming soon

  • Personal pages - if you don't have a website of your own
  • Virtual companies - form ad hoc cooperatives for jobs that are too big for you
  • Office services - share a secretary, photocopier, office space
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